Candle Care

– Remove all toppings before burning!
– Position your candle in a safe place away from vents, wind or any draughts.
(These factors will diminish your candles burn time, and may cause them to burn unevenly.)
– Trim wicks to 4-5mm before every burn.
– Your first burn must be long enough melt surface wax to the edge of the candle.

DO NOT leave unattended
DO NOT burn for more than 4 hours at a time
DO NOT use lid or water to extinguish
DO NOT touch or move a burning candle
DO NOT place candles near a source of heat
ALWAYS burn on flat heat resistant surface
ALWAYS keep Candles 3″ apart
ALWAYS follow manufacturer’s instructions
ALWAYS keep out of reach of children and pets
ALWAYS snuff out the flame. DO NOT blow it out
ALWAYS keep away from draughts

– The crystals are your own beautiful and individual keepsakes that have been fully charged.
– They promote spiritual, mental and physical healing.
– They are a gift for you to have long after your Jade’s Scentique candle has extinguished.
– We advise that you remove all crystals and toppings before burning.
– Each time you burn your candle allow the entire top layer to become a pool of liquid wax. This creates the best fragrance throw available, keeps your wicks burning with a consistent flame and helps to avoid tunneling (wax residue left at the sides of a candle jar). It is the melted pool of wax that creates the fragrance throw.
– We never like to see the end of our favourite candle but once your candle wax is 1cm from the bottom of the jar you should no longer use it. Time to purchase a new favourite!
– Keep your candles stored in a cool, dry place when you are not using them.  All candles will discolour or fade when they are exposed to intense light for extended periods and wax will soften if exposed to high temperatures.
– Store in a cool dry place and cover your candle to protect the quality wax from dust, which can dull the scent and cause problems during burning.
– Storing candles for too long can affect the scent, burn your Jade’s Scentique candle in a reasonable time to make the most of the beautiful fragrance.
– Condensation on the surface of a candle is a sign it has not been stored correctly, or has been stored for too long. Make sure to dry this away with a paper towel before lighting.

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